Blue Check marks for NFT Projects

Attention NFT Project Owners: Getting That Coveted Blue Checkmark What is the blue checkmark and why do I want one? When a follower sees a blue check mark following a name on a social media platform, it indicates that the account is verified. Followers can know that they are following the person or business they […]

NFT Marketing Agency

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are cryptographic products based on blockchain technology with distinctive identification codes and information that define them separately. They aren’t exchangeable or tradable, as is the case with cryptocurrencies. Instead, they’re the exact opposite of fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies. Note that cryptocurrencies are digital currencies you can use as a medium of […]

The Role of Influencers in NFT Projects

As the NFT market grows and matures over the next few years, numerous projects will be launched but only a relatively small percentage will catch the attention of collectors. This means that competition will also grow and become more intense in the effort to capture the public’s attention and disposable income.  Knowing the NFT Market […]

The basics of collecting NFTs

The basics of collecting NFTs The popularity of NFTs has been steadily rising over the past couple of years as more and more collectors are entering the market. It is a very modern way to collect digital art in much the same way traditional art collectors build their own collections and galleries. In fact, collectors […]